Introducing Tamara Lackey’s Lush Albums

Tamara Lackey's Lush Albums are hand crafted by Finao in the USA.
Tamara Lackey’s Lush Albums are hand crafted by Finao in the USA.

Designing and ordering a beautiful, custom-designed photo album has never been easier. Lush Albums and Fundy Designer have teamed-up to provide professional photographers a customizable, easy-to-use, fun platform to create personalized photo albums for their clients. Through Fundy’s professional album design software, available at no extra cost to Lush Albums’ clients, professional photographers can quickly and effortlessly build custom layouts to tell a story however they want. With over one hundred size and fabric combinations, and unlimited layouts, Lush Albums allow photographers to create photo albums that meet the exact needs of any client. Moreover, the beautiful, luxurious, eco-friendly (and animal-friendly!) fabric options are certain to complement any home décor.

Lush Albums are the vision of renowned photographer Tamara Lackey.  They are exclusively available through Fundy Designer software and crafted by Finao in the US.  With this dream-team working together, you can rest assured that your Lush Albums are created with expert hands, and your design and order experience are allowed to merge into one seamless process.  Also of note: 10% of all Lush proceeds go to Beautiful Together, a non-profit in support of children waiting for families.  Doesn’t it feel good?!

Tamara Lackey Lush Albums Collage

Lush Album Highlights:

  • Highest quality giclée printing on beautiful matte surface paper.
  • Spreads are creased in the center so there’s no icky gutter to interrupt your images.
  • 15 beautiful, animal-friendly cover options.
  • Coordinating album bag option adds to the finished presentation.
  • Custom and ready-made studio samples available.
  • Made in USA

Check out this short video on designing and ordering your Lush Albums using Fundy Designer. *Initial launch is for US shipments only.

After you’ve become a registered Lush user, you can design and order Lush Albums free of charge through Fundy Designer, even if you do not own the software. *Note: If you have already downloaded Fundy Designer v6 for Lush Albums, you can simply design future albums free of charge directly from the Fundy software; first time users can follow the steps outlined on the Lush Albums website.  Even though Fundy Designer is a software that you normally must buy to use, there is no additional cost to Lush Albums clients, as everything is already bundled into the pricing.

If you have any questions, are struggling with your first order, or simply want to make sure you are doing your initial order correctly, please contact Fundy Designer Customer Service.

We also encourage you to follow Beautiful Together–the non-profit in support of children waiting for families–to keep up with the wonderful things the organization is doing with the proceeds from 10% of all Lush Albums sales, as well as donations from people like you!  Like Beautiful Together on Facebook and  Follow them on Twitter.


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