Self-mounting prints causing you fear? Repositionable adhesive is here!

Self-adhesive DIY Photo Album for professional portrait photographers. Elements by Finao.

Finao is excited to announce that all custom Elements™ self-mount albums now have adhesive that is easier to work with!  Elements albums are the perfect DIY book for photographers to keep in-stock for quick delivery to clients.  With the huge selection of sizes, cover materials, and other options like guestbook style pages, Elements have been a go-to product for portrait and wedding photographers worldwide.

The adhesive that was used previously had a permanent grip, but that grip was instant, which caused many people to be nervous about the prospect of mounting their own prints in an album.  We have recently found a new adhesive that is still top-quality, but will cure over time, allowing you to more easily remove and replace a mistaken print without as much risk of damaging the adhesive on the page.

Elements by Finao. DIY album for professional portrait photographers.
Elements by Finao. DIY album for professional portrait photographers.

Quick Tip:  If you make a mistake and need to lift a print, it’s best to start at a corner with something thin like a razor blade or knife.  Once you have a corner started, the print can be carefully peeled back and removed.  Please note that this is NOT the low-tack adhesive that is used by other self-stick album makers.  You most likely will damage your print when removing it, but you have the peace of mind knowing it’s not going to fall off after you deliver it to your clients.  Finao quality is still at the forefront here.  After your print has been removed, do a quick check for any bubbles in the adhesive or any dust or debris that may have landed on it before you place a new print down.  Easie peasie!

Note: In-Stock Elements are already made and ready to ship so they do NOT have this new adhesive style in them, please order through the regular custom order form to get the repositionable pages.

Studio Sample Elements are 25% off – Order your own custom Elements album now!

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