Wedding album sales: More BANG for your buck

Quick Tip #2 for getting the most bang for your buck on client orders and studio sample albums:

Design for the biggest size! Finao offers many sizes that scale to one another so you only need to design once and that design can be used for large and smaller versions without skewing or chopping off pieces of your image.  Go for bigger profits by offering upgrades in size.  The price increase doesn’t have to be massive if you plan ahead.

10x15 and 12x18 wedding albums.
10×15 and 12×18 wedding albums.

For instance, in the Finao ONE and artONE lines, a 10×15 is priced very closely with a 12×18.  They both have a 2:3 aspect ratio so if you design for a 12×18, you can also use those same exact files to order 10×15, 8×12, 6×9 and 4×6.

(If you’d like to brush up on the math, I did another post on this topic you can view here.)

If selling the package that includes the 10×15 is your goal for most clients, you can increase your chances of selling an upgrade to 12×18 by making the price increase a no-brainer for your clients.  The cost to you is exactly the same for additional spreads on both of these sizes, and the base prices (the cover and first 10 spreads) only differ by less than $30!  Now, by assigning a value and offering a “steep discount” on an upgrade like this you create a HUGE perceived value, and you aren’t asking for a huge step in spending from your client.  It makes it an easy choice for them.  PLUS, it’s easy for you because it doesn’t add a second of extra work for you.  You simply take down the order and add the extra dollars to your profits.

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