Design & Order Albums: one-stop shopping with Fundy Direct

  • Do you appreciate saving time and keeping things simple?
  • Do you often find yourself using the word “WORKFLOW” with your non-photog friends?
  • Do you loath the thought of debating over which shade of brown leather best compliments the peach flowers in a bridal bouquet?
  • Do you just want to scream if you have to remember one more stinkin’ password?!

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then Fundy Direct is for you!


FUNDY DIRECT is a free service for all owners of the Fundy Designer software which allows you to DESIGN AND SEND your album orders directly to your favorite company in just a few clicks.  That’s fantastic!

Even better: Finao’s most popular album lines and options are EASY TO ORDER with Fundy Direct!  See the full list of available options below.

But what happens when a client wants something other than the options available through Fundy Direct?  No problem!  You can still design in the software and export the JPG layouts for use at, just as it has always been done.


Finao album lines and sizes available in Fundy Direct:

Finao album sizes available to order through Fundy Direct software.
Finao album sizes available to order through Fundy Direct software.


Finao’s most popular cover materials available in Fundy Direct:

(Single material only. For full customization, including tooTones and options not listed here, please export your designs and order at

  • Non-Leather: Asphyxia, Chesterfield, Chocoholic, Crave, deSade, Fox Downs, Lip Lock, Stiletto, Texas Tea, White Downs
  • Leathers: 50 Shades, Biker Chic, Bomber Jacket, Carrigan, Chyna, Femme Noir, Firefly, Harlow, Love Junky, Ludicrous, Miami Ink, Opaline, Optimism, Passion, Rothschild, Sagebrush Lizard, Secret Garden, Truffle, Wedgewood

Select Finao cover options & add-ons available in Fundy Direct:

(Full details on minimum sizes & other specifications may be found at

  • Plain cover (all lines/sizes)
  • 4×4, 5×5, and 4×5 Cutouts
  • ICE – acrylic image cover
  • Armour – metal image cover
  • Erotika – ink on metal image cover
  • Studio and cover imprinting
  • Designer Box packaging upgrade
  • Album Envelope packaging upgrade

Join Fundy & Finao for a FREE WEBINAR

Learn how to design & order your Finao album within Fundy Designer.

Thursday, June 11th | 10am Pacific | 1pm Eastern


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