Get your photography featured with Finao!

Ever wondered how to get your images showcased in the Finao booth at big tradeshows like the WPPI Expo and PPA’s ImagingUSA Expo?  Submit your favorite works to us and you just might see it in print!

What are we looking for?  Anything!

We would consider completed album layouts or sets of individual finished files for weddings, portraits and other unique subject matter.  We encourage creativity and love breaking the mold!  Professional photographers from all around the world are the audience that will be viewing these works, so any fresh and new perspectives are always welcomed.

By submitting files to Finao for consideration you agree that Finao has the right to print and use these files in conjunction with Finao products and show said products in person and/or photograph them for use on website, blog and social media.  Photo Credits are included on product pics and photographer or studio name is embossed inside display albums.  Finao also reserves the right to resize files, rearrange layouts and use all or select parts of file sets for various products (ie, you may submit a 30 spread album design and we may choose to print and bind only 10 spreads in a book and make a wall print from a cropped section).  Finao will not share or post your actual image files to the public.

Instructions for submission:

1. Log-in to your account at

2. From the “My Account” menu, select “Upload Images”.

3. Create a new folder and name it “Finao Samples”.

4. Double-click that folder to open it.

5. Create a sub-folders within that Finao Samples folder for each set of files you plan on submitting.  Name each folder something like “10×10-AlbumDesign-1” or “11×14-Images-1” or “Images-MixedSizes”

6.  Upload your files into their folders.  Once files are uploaded, you can close the uploader, or if you need to upload more files into more folders, click the “Back/Up-one-level” button at the top left of the uploader window to return to your main Finao Samples folder and start again with a new folder.

7. Last step, shoot an email to, subject: Finao Sample Submission, so I’ll know I can download them to the selection pool.  =)

You can submit files you love at any time, we’re always looking for new and exciting work to display!

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