Pricing Simplification

The new year, in it’s typical fashion, is ushering in change in Finaoville.  Things will be even easier with our new PRICING SIMPLIFICATION!

Remember all those cents on the ends of the dollars?  Kiss those goodbye.

Remember how 10×10 ONEs were priced the same as 10×14?  Not anymore!  They’re going down to live with 9×9, 9×12 and 8×12, saving you about $30!

Additional leaves can add-up quickly, so most of those will be dropped by nearly $1 each.

We’ve also added a 6×6 option on the ONE and are combining all those little sizes so there’s just one price for 5.5×7 and smaller.  That will take the Finao ONE from 13 price levels to 9, helping you gain a little more flexibility in your own structure.

The Album Envelope that is available as a packaging upgrade on the ONE series will also go down $25, and we’re super excited about coming out with some additional packaging upgrade choices later in the year too!

You may see some options such as tooTones and cutouts increase $5 to be consistent across all product lines, but overall this new structure should work out in your favor!  We’re excited to be in a position to give a little back to you and hope that your new year is full of new opportunity and growth as well!


Note to those who may have items in your cart prior to the pricing change: Your total upon checkout will reflect the new pricing correctly, however the itemized prices listed on your order will remain as they were when you originally added the product to your cart. 

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