Growing your Photography Business? This FREE podcast will help! Learn the importance of offering printed albums.

Lean the importance of offering printed albums in your photography business. Not only are albums a key profit center, but they are truly irreplaceable generators for referrals.  This 45 minute podcast will leave you with the confidence and a real starting point to either begin offering albums in your business, or move up to the next level.

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • The real benefits to your business from album sales.
  • How to introduce albums into your business model if you are not currently offering them.
  • How to give your albums a high perceived value, and how albums give you a higher perceived value as a professional.
  • Advice for shopping around to pick an album company that makes sense for your business.
  • The importance of preserving your work in print.
  • The value of including albums in a photography package.
  • How to make sample albums work for you; showing clients what you want them to buy and offering upgrades.
  • How to design your sample albums so that your clients really connect with them.
  • How to change your mindset and workflow to bring albums into every point of contact throughout the process.
  • Is there a future in the industry for those photographers who do not provide a printed product?

This is completely FREE EDUCATION, guys!  Listen to the discussion hosted by photographer and educator Bryan Caporicci at The Sprouting Photographer –

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