Say goodbye to some longtime cover materials: visit the Finao graveyard & get ready for some new additions too!

We’re sad to announce that some old friends are now in critical care and need your goodbyes before it’s too late.

Finao discontinued materials oct 14

The Garbo collection’s Black Gold and Platinum Blonde, along with Middle Earth’s Brandywine

will not be replenished as stock runs out.  They will remain available in the order form as supplies last, but once they are gone, they are gone for good.

We don’t recommend using any of these fabrics for new studio samples.  There is no “swatch update” for these cards at this time, so please just note that you may need a back-up option if clients are going to choose from these materials.  A little sticker on the corner of the card for a reminder would be a simple solution.

Moonflower from the Brocades collection has finally been removed from life support and gone to join the others who have gone before it.  It was originally slated for discontinuation in December 2013 and stock has now been completely diminished.

Visit the Finao Graveyard to pay your respects to all those materials we have loved and lost.

But wait…

We still have a little something else up our sleeve: 

Look for NEW FABRICS to be introduced shortly!!  Oooohhhhh yeeaaah, you’re going to LOVE these!

A new custom swatch order form is also in the cue!  Now, if you want to purchase your own custom selections of individual swatch cards, you can with just a few clicks of the mouse.  Get one, a few, or get them all, it’s totally up to you! 


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