QUICK TIP: Right-start vs. Left-start

Many people who are new to albums ask what’s the difference between what we refer to as a “right start” and a “left start”.  It’s pretty simple, but there are a few considerations you might want to think about before making your choice.

(let’s use 10×10 as our example size)

A right-starting album is the most traditional choice, but these days, everything is fair game.  It’s really up to the look you want to achieve with any particular album design.  Your first layout would be 10×10 and displayed on the RIGHT-hand side of the book when it’s laying open.  The subsequent layouts would be 20×10 and would cover from left to right across the center.  The last layout would also be 1ox10 and it would be displayed on the LEFT side of book as it lays open.

Typically, as with all Finao books, there is a lining on the inside of the cover and a “fly leaf” which is a blank paper page that separates the body of images (page-block) from the cover of the album.  So remember that you are not opening the cover and immediately seeing an image.  You will first need to turn the fly leaf over.

A left-starting album is very modern and allows you to utilize those first and last pages as full spreads instead of just half.  This is a great option if you want to open or close the book with a killer pano, or maybe you want to add some personalized text or just like the effect of negative space.  ALL of your layouts would be 20×10 when you choose a left-start.

ONE series albums all allow you a choice between starting on the right or left.  playBOOKs, on the other hand, are constructed a little differently.  If you are doing a flush mount ONE album and using a playBOOK as a duplicate for it, consider this before deciding on how you will design your main album:

playBOOKs are constructed so the ALL of the prints in the book are full left+right spreads, however, if you have a right-start design, we offer you the option to have the opposing page-side filled either black or white.  This would affect the playBOOK only, not the main ONE album if you’re making a playBOOK as a duplicate.  If you plan-ahead though, and know that you’re going to want to utilize all the space, then you might choose a left-start instead, leaving you free to design that page-side any way you like.

Here’s a little video clip depicting the playBOOK’s into and final fill-color:

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