GoDaddy user? We’re not ignoring you.

It’s come to our attention that a handful of customers have been having problems getting in contact with our customer service via email. All of these customers use GoDaddy. We take great pride in being known as the absolute best customer service in the industry and we always return each customer contact within one business day, and most typically within minutes. If you use GoDaddy, please give us a call for any questions, or use our Contact Us form on our website and leave your return phone number.

1-888-346-2687 (1-888-FINAO-US)
Mon – Fri 10a-6p EDT

Also please call to follow-up if you do not receive any email from us that you are expecting. Apparently GoDaddy is being stingy about sending AND receiving emails, so it’s a two-directional problem. We will be lodging a formal complaint with them, but unfortunately, our hands are tied to do anything more on our end. If you would like us to put a note on your account that we should try phone contact first, please let us know. We want to stay in contact with you in any way we can!

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