Every day we receive emails, Facebook posts and tweets that make us love what we do even more!  When our customers are happy, we’re ecstatic, and we just wanted to share the love with all of you!  It was a really tough call because they are all so great, but we’ve picked out some of our favorite “love notes” from this quarter to showcase here, and our top pick will be getting a little love, Finao-style, in return too!



Sarah Chatham of New Beginnings Photography (Springfield, IL) posted:

Everyone who works at Finao should be given a superhero cape. You all have album creating powers that are out of this world ;) Sarah Chatham: New Beginnings Photography




(in no particular order…)


Jill Liebhaber of jookie, a portrait boutique (Chicago, IL)  writes:

Could Finao be any more awesome?? I think not. 🙂 in large part due to their phenomenal custom care dept!! Thank you for always taking such good care of us.


S.A. Kamath Photography (Auburn, AL) writes:

The customer service I have always received from you guys has been nothing short of amazing and this time was no different. Your customer service there at Finao is certainly something to be modeled by! S.A. Kamath Photography


Richard Toussaint of 28pixels Photography (Tampa, FL) shares:

OMGoodness! I almost fell over my couch while I was doing my “this boy got skillz” dance. This album is AMAZING!! I’ve already shown it to a client & she booked on the spot. Thank you for your assistance & thank you Finao for your great craftsmanship. I love Finao. Best regards, A very happy photographer!

Márcia Charnizon (Belo Horizonte, Brazil) posts:

You are the best in every single little thing. I cross the world to do all my albums with you! Best from Brazil!


Cheryl Schoen of CIS Images (Burke, VA) writes:

I am floored to find this level of customer service these days. THANK YOU! Cheryl Schoen: CIS Images


Mike & Kylie Pilsworth of (Western Australia) writes:

Lynsey is a legend! I could just stop there, but I won’t. This outstanding customer service representative of your company has moved mountains overnight. We are impressed, extremely grateful and intend to share with the masses the exceptional service we receive from Finao. Thank you.


Robert Pugh of RP Photography by Design (Reading, England) posts:

If Finao was a single person I’d be in love ;-D RP Photography by Design


Jenelle Brooklyn Photo (Ventura, CA) writes:

OMG LYNSEY. I am completely beside myself with this book! The Finao quality is 1,000 times better than I was hoping for! BEYOND excited to share this book with my client…She is going to die! (& so is her husband). Thank you for such amazing service & top notch communication. I couldn’t be happier. Finao just made my day 🙂


Carol Malick Photography (Fairlawn, OH) shares:

I just can not figure out what I love more: your products or the people who work for you? Thank goodness I don't have to choose and I can say I love you both :)) Carol Malick Photography


Carisa Chee Photography (Simpsonville, SC) posts:

I just received my first playBOOK from you. It’s a little boudoir album for a client, and I’m blown away. It’s gorgeous! And the packaging with the little bag and silver heart is fabulous. This is exactly what I’ve been wanting to offer in my boudoir line. The prices are amazing for the quality, and the delivery time impressive. I’m in heaven!

Dawn K Moyer Photography (Columbus, OH) writes:

Your products are awesome. Pricing, very reasonable. Customer service rocks my world, literally, I fell off my chair. Many thanks.


Brian Mullins Photography (Holly Springs, NC) writes:

You guys rock so hard that you make Keith Richards jealous.  Brian Mullins Photography


Sarah Geiger Photography (Greenwich, CT) writes:

Just wanted to thank you for your amazing customer service, and for being so speedy with the albums, is it possible to be in love with them? Everyone involved from beginning to end has been incredibly helpful – from the initial phone calls, to advice on the right products for what I have in mind, to InDesign questions, to test prints, to checking to make sure everything looks good as you print & bind them, every part of this, you guys rock. I am so happy I have found a great company to work with. Spreading the word about you guys to fellow photographers. And you have a long term client in me.


Emma Burcusel Photography (Westland, MI) posts:

Absolutly love it when my favorite album company just takes time to talk back and forth like we are old friends! I have a smile on my face when I see an e-mail from Finao Image Police :)). You guys are awesome!  Emma Burcusel



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