2014 Seldex Material Update

We’re barely into 2014 and already, big things have hit the market and more are in the works!  Time to check out what’s new with our friends Down Under!  Seldex has made some updates to their previous material offerings, so here’s your first look at what’s new!

First of all, we have to say goodbye to some old friends:

(*select materials from these collections have been moved to current collections)

Brocades*, Exotic Too Tone, Macrosuede, Outback Leather*, Shimmer* and Wild Animalia

Fare thee well….

Now on to the new!

ASAHI ADDS: Cool Mint, Crème Brulee, Night Shade, Summer Plum, Sunflower and Black Pearl* (formerly Brocade).  Discontinued: Naughty Girl, Not So Secret, Nugget Found, One Hot Mama, Only in Sedona and Romance Novel.

ASAHI collection by Seldex
ASAHI collection by Seldex


AVANT GARDE LEATHER keeps Ebony Florentine and Ivory Florentine. Discontinued: Bloodreel Wave, Bombay Wave, Peregian Wave and Venetian Nights.

AVANT GARDE collection by Seldex
AVANTEGARDE collection by Seldex


BUCKRAM ADDS: Admiral Blue, Java, Slate, Tickled Pink, Vanilla Ice and Gunmetal Shimmer.

BUCKRAM collection by Seldex
BUCKRAM collection by Seldex


BROCADE collection is discontinued, however Black Pearl is moved to Asahi collection.

CLASSIC LEATHER ADDS: Navy and White. Discontinued: Chili, Port and Teak.

CLASSIC LEATHER collection by Seldex
CLASSIC LEATHER collection by Seldex


LEATHERETTE says goodbye to Baby Blue Jeans, Billabong, Champagne, Denim, Navy Wildlife and Steel.

LEATHERETTE collection by Seldex
LEATHERETTE collection by Seldex


LINEN ADDS: Barley Grass, Oatmeal, Smoke, Twilight and Wheat. Discontinued: Mauve, Orange, Red, Sandbank, Sky Blue and Violet.

LINEN collection by Seldex
LINEN collection by Seldex


OUTBACK LEATHER collection is discontinued, however Black, Iron and Sandstone are moved to the Premium Leather collection.

PREMIUM LEATHER ADDS:  Basalt, Claystone, Pumice, Shale, Black Outback, Iron Outback, and Sandstone Outback.  Discontinued: Chocolate, Copper Metallic, Dark Grey, Maple, Mother of Pearl, Navy and Terracotta.

PREMIUM LEATHER collection by Seldex
PREMIUM LEATHER collection by Seldex


If you use Seldex products and don’t have a Seldex Swatch Box, now’s the time to GET ONE!

The introduction of these hot new looks makes for the perfect time to expand some of the material offerings on your favorite Seldex products as well!  Look for Asahi, Buckram and Linen to be offered with Seldex Portfolio Boxes and Preview Boxes in the coming weeks!  Twin Sets have also been expanded to include ALL 12 Asahi fabrics!

STAY TUNED!!  New products are still in the pipeline and will be rolling out soon.

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