Tips from the Top | Pepper Nix Photography

We asked some of our uber-cool and esteemed Finaons to share some of their secrets to success when it comes to using albums in their studios.  Pepper Nix, in addition to be loads of fiery fun, is a long-time Finaon and runs a highly-successful studio in Salt Lake City, Utah.  You can check out TONS of her amazing client albums on her website, or maybe even a few in person when visiting the Finao Booth at a trade expo!

3 Steps to be like Pepp:
1) One of our BEST things is that we photograph every single album before it leaves the studio so that we can show other brides what is possible.
2) We invested in 5 swatch kits, so each bride can take it home with them and see exactly how it will look in their living room.  We track them all carefully to make sure we get them back in a week.
3) We do NOT charge for any upgrades, additional leathers, upgraded leathers, or photos on the front.  That way, we never have a bride order boring black.  We tell all our brides that the other leathers cost us way more, but that Pepper is such an album aficionado that she just wants the best leathers, and most fun combos.
More about Pepper Nix on her website:

excerpt: [Pepper Nix Photography is headed by the internationally awarded photographer Pepper Nix. Pepper has tremendous passion for the evocative power of the photographic image. Her work has appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America, KTVX TV’s Good Things Utah, and has been featured in numerous publications, both bridal and photographic, and have received multiple awards in international print competition. Twice now, Pepper Nix was voted Best Utah Photographer by a panel of her peers in the Utah Best of State Awards. She shoots across the U.S. and abroad for celebrities, politicians, dignitaries or anyone who just wants to be treated like one.]


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