Price Adjustments

Pricing has always been extremely important here at Finao.  We keep our profit margins low in order to provide high-quality products to more people at a fair price all the time; and with that fair price you also get the added value of choice that is custom tailored to you and each of your clients.  Recently, we’ve taken an intensive look at our costs and have found that, although some things were under-priced due to rising costs of raw materials, we have become more efficient in many areas, and we can actually lower some costs! In light of this, we will be making some slight adjustments to a few categories that will take effect on July 1st, 2013.

Flush Mount ONE and artONE albums will see a 3% DECREASE on the base price in the following sizes:


12×16 and 12×18 will remain unchanged.

Other sizes will increase 3% on the base price only.  Additional leaves and upgrades will not be affected.

playBOOK base prices will remain the same.

The price per additional leaf will see a small increase:

was $2.00, now $2.50
was $2.50, now $3.00
was $3.00, now $3.75
was $3.50, now $4.25
was $4.00, now $5.00

Photo Wrap covers for playBOOK, Elements and Rave will now be $10.

Photo Wrap covers for sets of playPALS will now add $10 to the total price for the set of 3 or 6; it will not add $10 to each individual playPAL in the set.

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