Showing Sample Albums

Having enough samples in your studio to show a client the real depth and breadth of all the products you can offer them can be a challenge.  For many, adequate display space, portability and expense can play against us here.  Studio sample albums, for a realistic feel of the quality of construction of an item, and swatches, for a firsthand experience of textures and finishes, are a must in any successful photography studio.  Debi and Amanda Tipton of Kokoro Photography in Littleton, Colorado have expanded on that standard and shared their fantastic idea for showing even more sample albums to their clients for inspiration!

Now every time a couple orders a different album cover design we photograph the book before delivering it to them. We then lay out a 10×10? image with photographs of that book, add them to our website here, and then get the layout printed. We have a Finao Elements peel-and-stick album that we can then add each cover option to as the layouts arrive! Now when you sit down with us to design your wedding album you have a lookbook of full album covers to help you with your design.



They use a self-mount Elements album which has adhesive on the pages so you can easily mount your own prints, or add-to over time as you take new photos.














The last page is blank and ready for new covers! We are almost ready for a whole new album.

Other similar options would be to design sample images and descriptions into layouts for a Finao playBOOK, assemble 4×6 photos in the slip-in Reveal album, or create sample images and/or pricing and package menus that can be displayed in frame mounts on an easel and kept organized in a Print Box with your logo.



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