Flash Us! A Moment to Expose Yourself!

Happy May!

It’s time to turn up the exposure on another awesome Finaon!

Currently Flaunting:

Abby Rosenbaum!


Company / Studio Name :

Abby Rose Photo


If I had a photography superpower it would be…

Invisibility!  think of the shots you could get inside those strict churches 😉

I like my oatmeal…

Organic! With brown sugar and fresh fruit!

My fictional best friend would be…

I’m gonna go with Buffy the Vampire Slayer 🙂

My guilty pleasure photography subject is…

My dog!  pretty sure I have been un-friended on facebook due to excessive dog photos.

The title of my autobiography would be…

Married Every Weekend: The Wild World of a Wedding Photographer!


WTF! Clients shock me when they request…

Table shots.  Like, really?!  What year is this?  It’s usually the parents who want this – and I’ve definitely lost a job or two over my stance on those. Just. Can’t. Do. It.

If I could get shoes made out of a Finao Leather I’d be rockin’….

Ooooh, that’s a tough one!  So many good options.  I think anything from ‘the nines’ would be awesome – maybe some chunky platforms in ‘sex and candy’!

Finao Leather - The Nines Collection
The Nines Collection


5 Quirky Characteristics / Little known facts about ABBY!

1. I am a worthless cook (like, I’d probably mess up popcorn). Thank goodness my hubby is an accomplished chef.

2. I taught myself to like pickles

3. I put Sriracha on everything!

4. I have an embarrassing penchant for bad reality TV ( Hello, RHOBH!)

5. I still sleep with my teddy bear!


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