Dec 2012-May 2013

Every day we receive emails, Facebook posts and tweets that make us love what we do even more!  When our customers are happy, we’re ecstatic, and we just wanted to share the love with all of you!  It was a really tough call because they are all so great, but we’ve picked out some of our favorite “love notes” from this quarter to showcase here, and our top pick will be getting a little love, Finao-style, in return too!



Kaylynn of Kaylynn Marie Photography (New Orleans, LA) posted:





(in no particular order…)


Frayda of FeeBee Photography (Baltimore, MD) writes:

You.Guys.Are.Incredible. I just received my first Finao album, and I’m completely blown away! Not only did the album itself far far far exceed my highest expectation, but the packaging too, is amazing. If I wasn’t married already, I’d totally marry you, Finao! Thank you for pulling through for me, and making me look so good! I will never order an album from anyone else, and that’s a promise! Love always and forever, Frayda



Amara of Amara Dirks Photography (Alberta, Canada) writes:

I was like a kid at christmas when my albums arrived. I even danced around the house with said albums. THANK YOU Finao for the amazing customer service and love you put into creating beautiful keepsakes!

Sarah of Sarah Morgan Photography (San Diego, CA) posted:

My clients and I are LOVING our Finao Playbooks! One client said, “This is the perfect size book. I take it everywhere and show it to anyone that will sit still long enough!” It was great seeing you ladies at WPPI! Hugs to the Finao Police who’s assistance and humor have been greatly appreciated!!!


Jenny of Odd Couple Photography (St. Louis, MO) writes:



Dawn of Dawn V. Gilmore Fine Art Photography (Port St. Lucie, FL) posted:

I have to say that I am LOVING you guys more and more every day. I placed my first order for a sample album to try you guys out. The communication has been so wonderful. I got an email from the “Image Police” today and got scared for a moment because I am a boudoir photographer. I thought maybe I was being told that you couldn’t print my album because of the nature of my work (as other companies have done). Well – NOPE! Not at all. I even got the following response: “We aren’t one of those companies who censor and refuse to print anything even slightly risqué, so keep those sexy albums comin’ our way!” ? ? ? that! THANK YOU!

Amanda of Amanda Picone Photography (Babylon, NY) posted:

Just when I think you guys are perfect, you go ahead and wow me BIG TIME!! There is a reason I am constantly referring you to my friends, and it’s because you are simply the BEST–in quality and in customer service. Thank you x 1,273,486,419. ?


Megan of MegRuth Photography (Henderson, NV) tweets:



Sarina of SarinaLove Photography (West Covina, CA) writes:

Since starting my business 5 years ago, I’ve only used FINAO for all my album needs and it has been nothing but a wonderful experience. Customer service is top notch! I’ve asked tons of dumb questions along the way and the folks at FINAO have been so patient, sweet, and informative throughout the entire process. I’m so thankful for that! I feel like they truly care and understand. I love their quality of craftsmanship on their albums and their vast amount of choices. I am so grateful that they continuously change and grow with their clientele. I cannot stress enough how much I love FINAO and the folks behind FINAO!! Thank you for everything!

Rosalia of Dolce Photography (Homestead, FL) writes:

I don’t know why I waited so long, Finao is FABULOUS. I’m so impressed by their prompt customer service and people who sound like people, not just someone behind a machine. In love with the service so far!





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