Finao iPad App Update

For those of you who use the FINAO DESIGNER iPad App, you’ve got an update waiting!  31 New materials have been added and all those pesky material restrictions have been done away with!

Now for some design advice from @FinaoAlbums:

Just because you CAN doesn’t mean you SHOULD. You’re welcome.


As much as it hurts sometimes (LOL cringe), we won’t play taste-police when it comes to mixing leathers and fabrics, but we would recommend that you choose a leather to go over the spine if you choose to feature an accent material there.  It’s just wears better over time and is more sturdy than fabric.  This is especially important when picking a leather to go with a specialty cover like the acrylic ICE or metal ARMOUR.

  • For current app users, your update should be waiting for you in your App Store.
  • And for those of you who are behind the times, get caught up and DOWNLOAD NOW or find the app in the iTunes Store.

Here are a few teasers to get your creative juices flowing:

3Tone with Brass Monkey, Chiara and Drifter
3Tone with Brass Monkey, Chiara and Drifter


TooTone with Carrigan and Trevi accent.


TooTone with Chyna and 50 Shades accent. Flipbook style.


TooTone with Corruption and Cu29 accent.

Leagalese: The Finao Designer iPad app is intended for use designing covers for the Finao ONE/artONE flush mount albums only.  Other album lines may have different cover designs and/or cover material options/restrictions. Please refer to the Finao website for details on availability for specific album lines.

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