Flash Us! A Moment To Expose Yourself!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Finao has come to the conclusion that we just don’t know enough about you awesome people. Most importantly we really want you to know each other! Being the holiday of love and all, let us start with the happiest couple I know! Get ready to meet the flesh behind the flash!

Currently Flaunting :

Adam & Heather Czap



Czap Studios

Photography Genre:

Wedding & Portrait

Your Career / Work Experience before Photography:

Before starting our photography business, I was a high school English teacher and Heather worked in a salon as a stylist. Neither of us had any photography experience, although Heather does possess a degree from Michigan State University in art history and art education. I, however, had decided that teaching was not the life for me. So instead of pursuing that, I decided to become a DENTIST!! Yuck. I went back to school to take the required pre-admission classes for dental school, and while doing so started doing photography with the hope of just becoming good enough so that I could earn the money I needed to pay for the classes I was taking. Then it got pretty serious (imagine me saying that in a Kip’s voice from Napoleon Dynamite). I was hooked and eventually dropped my plans for dentistry altogether. 2 years later, Heather quit her job and joined me in the business full time.

Fork in the road that lead you to Photographyland:

The fork in the road for us was the point at which I finished taking all the required coursework and was ready to actually apply to dental school. My grades were good enough, and I had a good chance of getting accepted to a school somewhere. On one side of my desk sat the practice admission test and application for dental school, and on the other side of the desk I had accumulated about 20 wedding contracts for the following year. At that point, I was a part-timer and knew nothing really about what it would take to support myself doing full-time photography, but I did the math and discovered that if I became good enough, it could potentially be a great job.

Your biggest WTF moment related to the photography industry:

Our biggest WTF moment in business came the first time we did a really big job together. The wedding was crazy and we got paid a LOT of money to cover the event. At the end of the day, we were both exhausted but realized that we just spent the entire day with a bunch of people we didn’t know, and it was a LOT of fun! We got some great images and the clients were very happy.

Your would-die-without-it Finao leather/cover design :

We’re a big fan of the Biker Chic leather (dark brown color) and the Ice acrylic covers. But there are so many, that it kinda depends on the clients and what sort of stuff they are into! We love them all, honestly!

Are there any personal projects you are currently diving into?

Heather is a Pinterest nerd, so there are constantly new house projects she is working on. Both of us are huge DIY people. I am currently in the process of expanding on beer-making abilities. In our studio, we feature one of my home-brewed beers on draft in a wet bar! Upstairs in my garage, I also have a 5′ wide chest freezer that’s been converted into a giant kegerator. That has 4 other beers on tap. So, currently, we have over 20 gallons of home-brewed beer ON TAP at our house. So yes, the party is indeed at our house tonight.. !!

The big question : Ice cream or Cake?!

Cake WITH ice cream… duh!

What would you name the autobiography of your life?

Adam: Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting; Heather: Calm and Crafty

Getting Intimate : 5 Things Few People Know!

Adam :

  1. I fantasize about starting a microbrewery some day.
  2. Every night before bed I use my rumble roller. Google it.
  3. I am addicted to the Battlefield 3 PC game.
  4. I am also addicted to Crossfit.
  5. I am really into home security. We have an alarm system, a dog, multiple locks, multiple guns, and I am soon adding a video surveillance system. I am not a doomsday prepper though lol


  1. I made the dress I am wearing today. I like sewing 🙂
  2. My husband says I dominate in the kitchen.
  3. I have run 2 marathons and plan on doing more in the future!
  4. Although I do all of our post production and album design, I consider myself very computer illiterate!
  5. I’m a very gentle person unless I run into a bug in my house. Then I turn into an enormous green rage monster.


A Taste:

  Liz and Jaime's Engagement 37-web


If you want to pursue a relationship, here is their contact information 🙂



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