Swatch Kit Updates

Are your Finao swatches up-to-date?

Finao leather tin












Here’s what you can do:

1. Check out this detailed blog post and compare it with what you’ve got.

2. If you have a leather kit, make sure that you have the version of the Fragments card that has the red leather “Love Junky” on it.  Also make sure you have the “Urban Legends” suedes and “Mixed Bag” card in your leather kit.

If you do not have one/any of these, leave a note at the end of your checkout when you’re ordering your update kits and say you need the whole card of (Fragments/Urban Legends/Mixed Bag) with your update.

3. If your swatches are totally old-school, the leathers may be glued down instead of removable as they are now.  If this is the case, contact us and we’ll help you get it all worked out.

(NOTE: the Non-Leather swatches are supposed to be permanently affixed to the card, it’s just the leathers that are supposed to be removable.)


(TIP: Scroll down below the photo and whole swatch kit order link to the darkened box with the red border for each update kit)

Finao Leather Update Kit

Finao NON-Leather Update Kit

(NOTE: You’ll save $5 in the cart when you order both update kits together)

5. If you’ve NEVER ordered Finao swatches before and you’re wondering why you just read this whole thing, no worries!  We can help you find out what swatch kits you’ll want based on the products you want to sell in your studio.  Just check out the SWATCH KITS section on the website or shoot an email to

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