WANTED: Professional Album Company


We found a WHOLE LOT of people looking for a NEW ALBUM COMPANY at the recent Imaging USA Expo.  If you’re not already a Finaon, you may be one of them.  Or, perhaps you have a friend in need of a change.  Well, send them our way because Finao has it all!  A new year and new plans for a successful 2013!

The photographers we met wanted MORE OPTIONS.  Finao offers options, lots and lots of options.  This is a good thing because we live in a society fraught with options.  People are not confused by them.  In fact, they deal with them every day from the moment we wake and start to decide what to wear and what we could have for breakfast.  Brides deal with even more options than most and seem to be eating them up!  Have you ever been on Pinterest?  Not so long ago wedding cakes were white, round, tiered and had frosting flowers on them.  Not anymore.  Invitations came from the big Stylart book, not anymore.  Getting the picture?  The wedding business thrives because of options and those who offer the most options get the most business.  Come on, don’t be afraid, you know you need this to be competitive!  Finao will also help you select super great samples.  We can help with material choices, size considerations, even image choices.  So send them our way, we’re here to help!

CONSOLIDATION was also mentioned often.  Over a few years time many photographers found themselves with too many album companies.  One company never had everything they needed and along came vendor overload.  Finao offers everything:  fabulous playBOOKs, the famous ONE, luxury printing on the artONE (a Jerry Ghionis favorite), matted print envelopes and portfolio boxes (like Sue Bryce uses), guestbooks, folios, sophisticated matted albums like the nextONE and Seldex options, CD/DVD cases, Xhibit fine art matted wall prints and the list goes on.  You do not need to deal with a multitude of vendors when you can have one that fits all of your needs completely.  Establishing a solid relationship with a vendor makes doing business easier; You have a contact you know, questions get answered, and help is always there.

Photographers praised our CUSTOMER SERVICE and DELIVERY TIMES.  We know that both are very important to many photographers and factor-in highly when selecting a vendor partner.  Our Customer Care people are the best (I really mean that) and are always available to take as much time as you need to feel comfortable about our products.  It’s just a part of who we are.

PRICE.  Some photographers were price conscious.  Many more were looking for better quality.  Finao offers both – very competitive prices and unbeatable quality.  We hear it all the time when a photographer looks up and says, “Does that price actually include the prints?”  YES.  When you read the fine print, WE ACTUALLY COST LESS than many well known companies.  Some charge extra for coating and texturing – it’s included at Finao.  Some charge outrageous prices for real leather – Finao offers so many amazing, real, high-quality leathers AND they are included in the price.  A 12×12 flush mount album could easily cost an extra $100+ dollars from many companies and rarely cost even $20.00 less from only a few companies, who again, have very limited options and usually lower quality.  Some photo books were inferior quality and actually cost more elsewhere.  Even press books from most other vendors cost more than our playBOOK which features true photographic printing, seamless binding, custom covers and 100 material options – all for one price!  Isn’t it nice when you can actually offer your clients the best with out costing yourself more?

UPGRADING IMAGE and BRAND VALUE was important to many.  You bet it is.  It’s a competitive world out their and you won’t reach the best clients with second rate products.  We heard a lot of that.  “I’ve always wanted to use Finao and now I’m ready.  My work deserves it and I’m charging more.  It’s time for Finao.”  We love to hear that.  Your work and your business do deserve the best.  And your clients deserve products that are built like they are the family heirloom they will become.

We heard some say they were not happy with the PRINTING at their album company/lab.  Too bad, because Finao clients RAVE about the printing!  Even some very discriminating photographers like Nick Ghionis (yes, it’s Jerry’s brother) in AU said he loved his test prints and placed an immediate client order. 

Some people were ready, not just to upgrade their image, but wanted to jump to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL.  The artONE got a lot of attention, and not just because it’s the album of choice for Jerry Ghionis, but photographers went crazy for the look and feel of the Hahnemühle paper and giclée printing.  They loved our proprietary surface protection – still looks and feels like the amazing paper it is printed on, but becomes one of the most durable print surfaces we offer.

For three days our booth was filled to capacity with PHOTOGRAPHERS ON A MISSION.  They sought out Finao.  They brought their friends and said “you need to use these people”.  Over and over we heard, “this is exactly what I’ve been looking for.”  So if you’re looking, we bet we have exactly what you’re looking for.  Give us a call at 1-888-346-2687 (1-888-FINAO-US) or send an email to info@finao.com.  We’re looking for long term relationships, so let’s get together.


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