Hurricane Update

Update as of 11-05-2012

Although the actual storm has passed, the aftermath of the event persists and will for quite some time.  We’re quite concerned about a lot of our people as many of them are still without power and now, with the gasoline supply dwindling in the Long Island area, are finding themselves “stuck” and ever more so cut off from supplies and support.

As an everyday solution to cut down on the sometimes very long and winding train and bus routes, we have vans that go out to various stations in some of the far off neighborhoods to pick up our employees and drive them the rest of the way in to work.  Well, we’ve run out of gas today, and our people who do drive their own vehicles are running out of gas as well.  We are hoping that the efforts to get the tankers into port will relieve this problem soon, but we also know that it takes time to get gas from the ships to the distributors and then to the gas stations.

We expect to be short staffed for a bit as the aftermath of Sandy will continue to cause compounded problems and hurdles that we’ll all need to work through.  We are working very hard to complete as many orders as possible, but please please be patient over the coming weeks as our production has slowed as a result of our very limited staff.  We appreciate everyone’s patience as we continue to try and work through this difficult time.

Original Post 10-31-2012

We’ve weathered the storm and come out with our Long Island production facility no worse for wear.  We have power and are partially staffed yesterday (Tuesday) and today and steady working on orders.

Many of our employees depend on public transportation which is still down in the area at this time.  We do have a van service that picks people up at various terminals and bus stops in the area, but until our people are able to safely get to those places, we’ll be working double-time with the crew that we have.  We’re hopeful that they will be back shortly as power is restored and clean-up efforts are realized throughout the area.

Please be prepared for some delays with your shipments over the upcoming days. We have not had a pick-up from any of our couriers yet this week, and in talking to FedEx, they’ve told us that their distribution center was affected by the storm and they are only running deliveries for emergency relief at this time and are taking it day by day.  They are hoping to start back to a more normal schedule tomorrow (Thursday, November 1st), but are reluctant to say for sure as the flooding, power outages and damage to infrastructure is a continued concern.

We are continuing to make orders and have them labeled and ready for pick-up as soon as services return, but we can not guarantee delivery of time-sensitive items for this weekend at this time as delivery is out of our hands. We greatly appreciate your understanding and continued patience in the wake of this disaster, and hope that all of our Finaons along the storm’s path have fared as well also.

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