ONE “plusONE” = Extraordinary

plusONE Materials: Exotic Accent or Unbelievable Upgrade Cover

So you may have noticed (among other HUGE changes) a change to the flush mount ONE series album order forms where there is an option for a Material Upgrade to a “plusONE” material.  If this new option has you a bit confused, this is the post for you. Read on to understand what this new option is all about.  Now hold on a sec! If you saw the word “upgrade” and it makes you want to run, hang in there for a minute as there’s news here for you too!

If you know anything about Finao at all, you know that choice is king.  With over 100 standard materials to choose from, you’re sure to find something for just about everyone.  But for those who want to take it a few steps further and offer their clients something completely unique and extravagant, the plusONE materials are the answer.

plusONE (at this time) is made up of the Zumanity collection and The Nines collection of ultra high-end leathers.  These materials can be used by everyone on their Finao ONE™ series albums as an accent stripe for NO ADDITIONAL COST!  Simply select the tooTone or 3Tone cover upgrade as you would for any other book with multiple cover materials.  If, however, you want to use a plusONE material for MORE than an accent stripe, like the spine & back, front & back cover, or the whole book, you would simply select the “plusONE Material Upgrade” and choose your materials.  It’s $75 up through 10×10, or $100 for larger albums.

The Nines Collection – Ultra high-end leathers exclusively from Finao.


The Zumanity Collection – Ultra high-end leathers exclusively from Finao.



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