Love Notes….

Every day we receive emails, Facebook posts and tweets that make us love what we do even more!  When our customers are happy, we’re ecstatic, and we just wanted to share the love with all of you!  It was a really tough call because they are all so great, but we’ve picked out some of our favorite “love notes” to showcase here, and our top pick will be getting a little love, Finao style, in return too!

Our TOP PICK had us at #beastmode!

@mikeclarke24 of Mike Clarke Photography writes:
“Just received an 11×14 @FinaoAlbums you have go to be kidding me. Absolutely insanely gorgeous and badass. Customer for life. #beastmode”




Jaleel King of Jaleel King Photography posted:

“Just wanted to share my client’s reaction to getting her album! :)”

Amy Paige Siniscalchi of Shades of You Photography writes:

“Gorgeous. Amazingly stunning. My first order arrived just minutes ago and I had to pop in and post that it exceeded expectations. The customer service has been just stellar right from the start as well. Wonderful company to work with, excellent product.”

Cathie Berrey Green of BG Productions writes:

“OMG!!! We just got in Lauren and Jordan’s wedding album and playBOOK- you guys are AMAZING- we can’t wait for them to see it- I was in tears so I KNOW they are gonna LOVE it! And the new playBOOKS ROCK my world!!! Thank you SO much for your amazing work!!!  I was just so THRILLED!!! You made my photos look amazing and the playBOOK is so darn cute!!!”

Marco Hernandez-Reisner of Photos Edge writes:

“Just got our first set of playBOOKS today…. they arrived in style and look amazing. SERIOUSLY slick and fashionable albums. I can’t wait to see my client’s faces when they see these. Thank you FINAO for providing breakthrough quality and service at prices that make sense!”

@KentDrakePhoto of Kent Drake Photography tweets:

“Finally got to look at my @FinaoAlbums playBOOK sample. Blows my press books out of the water. Easy switch.”

Max & Jen LeBanc of Breathless Boudoir post:
Dear Finao, If I were a book, I’d really hope that you were my parents. Just wanted you to know. -Max


Stacey Brandon of Stacey Brandon Photography & Design

“I felt compelled to send a little love note because I am just so blown away by the level of customer service at Finao. (I have been using Finao exclusively for all of my albums for over 4 years now…after nearly a decade of trying to find one company that met my needs.) I have ALWAYS had excellent communication with Finao, and you all never fail to amaze me with your customer service (something that I cannot say for many other album companies I have used in the past). Yesterday I received an email from Finao highlighting the new playBOOKS. I thought “these look really cute” and decided I would order one sometime soon just to get an idea of what they looked like so that I could decide if it was something I wanted to start offering to my clients. I flagged the email as a reminder to myself to look into it further. So, what do you know, not even 3 hours later I get a little package at my door…and it’s a custom sample Play Book with a sweet note from Finao. I absolutely couldn’t believe it! Just one more reason that I LOVE YOU GUYS!! You have a customer for life.”

Dani Brown of It’s Your Day Photography writes:

“Hey guys… I was on the phone with Laura yesterday (MAJOR PROPS BY THE WAY…) she was completely AWESOME!!! If it weren’t for her I’d be doing pre-done, non-branded self-sticks from someone else & she totally sold me (ironically, by listening more than she talked…) All the best & I’m totally blown away that the owner of the company (pink hair) was on the road with Sandy Puc, she & her associate were super nice & it’s great to know you’re dealing with a really down-to-earth crew!  I’m a firm believer that compliments are ment to be shared & I was really impressed with the level of service, especially that a real live human answered the phone instead of a automated prompt system! Thanks for all you do & have a great one”

Dalisa Cooper of AltF Photography writes:

“Yeah baby! @FinaoAlbums are kickin’ out our orders quicker than I can count! Faster than ever, indeed!  And we could not be happier!  Thanks for totally kicking ass and for helping us keep happy clients!  I’m a true believer in Finao! Cheers!”


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