Stop the presses!  Drop everything!  This is a MUST READ for all Finaons!  We’ve just rolled out some HUGE changes that are sure to make your lives as photographers and salespeople MUCH MUCH EASIER!!!  I know the anticipation has been killer and we’ve been hinting at changes lately, so I’ll just open up with the biggest news first!

I. MATERIALS: All Finao materials can now be used on ONE and artONE albums!  No more guesswork!  If it’s in the tins, you can use it! (with the exception of the “playground collection” of handmade papers exclusively for playPAL mini duplicate books.)

II. TONES: Channel your inner David Spade and say “buh-bye” to silkTones and zuTones and zu3Tones and zuzu3Tones, as now ANY material can be used as a tooTone or 3Tone with ANY OTHER material!!!!

Now, just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.  We strongly recommend putting a leather on the spine if it’s a tooTone with a spine accent, or another stronger material from the Eclectic Looks or Garbo collections of non-leathers.

III. COVER DESIGNS: All cover designs that showed an accent material on the spine can now be ordered as “spine only” or “spine and back”.  The “spine and back” option now replaces the few inverted cover designs that we had so that one material could be on the front panel and one material on the spine and back. For instance, S14 now replaces S33.

Example of new replacement cover designs.
example of old cover design vs. new replacement.

IV. plusONE MATERIALS: There is a new option for a “Material Upgrade”. This is a new category called “plusONE” materials and it includes Zumanity and the brand new “The Nines” collections.

A. Zumanity is no longer an additional upgrade as a stripe.  Zumanity stripes can simply be ordered as a tooTone.  Anything more than a stripe, for instance, a whole cover or spine and back will be considered a “plusONE material upgrade”.

B. “The Nines” collection also follows the “plusONE” convention with Zumanity: no upcharge for a stripe, “plusONE material upgrade” for anything more than a stripe.

IN OTHER WORDS: If you select a cover design with a stripe (or spine only) you can use a plusONE material as the stripe for no additional material charge and you can select “None” in the “Material Upgrade” section of the order form.  If you want a plusONE material as the main material (or spine and back) you must select the plusONE material upgrade before it will available to select from the list.

V. PACKAGING: A new “Packaging” menu comes up in the order form, where you can select the standard packaging, or an upgraded designer image box or album envelope in matching materials. If you haven’t seen these options before, you should definitely take a look!

VI. 30 NEW MATERIALS! have been added to the order forms as well as a new specialty cover panel “Serenity”!!

A. Swatches will be released in an update kit later this month once all the materials have arrived – watch your inbox, the blog and social media for updates. (*UPDATE* SWATCHES ARE NOW AVAILABLE TO ORDER)

B. Photos and more information will also be released as they become available.


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