NEW Status Updates!

We’ve been busy little bees in Finaoville working on new and exciting updates that streamline procedures and help our customers save time and increase sales! Our latest convenience-adding feature is the addition of more detailed status updates each item in an order!

Although there are far too many steps in the hand-crafted process to scan everything at every station, we’ve been able to set up a scan at some milestone stations along the way so you can see that your album order is moving along.  Keep in mind that once an order has been scanned out of one station that there may be multiple steps it has to go through before it gets to the next scan.  So although it may say your prints have been done for the past 3 days, no worries, your order is still moving along, it is just showing you the last step that happened where there was a scan point.

To see your order history, simply log in at and access your account information by clicking your user name in the top left of the page.  Select “Order Info”.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect:

Print QC (Pass/Fail) – Images have been printed and coated. If a fail status shows, it means that the inspector found something they didn’t like that will need to be addressed or redone.

Block QC (Pass/Fail) – Images have been mounted, bound and trimmed.

Join QC (Pass/Fail) – The album’s page-block and cover have been joined to form a book.

Album QC (Pass/Fail) – The album has gone to final inspection and, once passed, it is ready to be packaged and shipped.

We know this is a feature that you’ve all been looking forward to and we’re really happy to be able to provide this little extra service to you!

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