PARENT ALBUMS: Finao has your answer!

Mom Heart Tattoo

Many of you can say that you have had no bigger fans in your life than your parents (even though sometimes they show it by embarrassing you in front of all your peers LOL).  How many people in your life can you think of that would be beaming with joy to pass around photos of your milestones to friends and strangers alike?  Not many is my guess; but parents, that’s a different story!

From a photographer/business-owner point of view, these proud parents make fantastic marketers for your brand!  And what new bride or new mother wouldn’t want to provide their own parents with the gift of sharing in their most special moments?  Parent books are key, and being able to offer an affordable parent book option that doesn’t compromise quality will put you heads above the rest.

The Finao playBOOK is the perfect parent album solution!  Press printed books have been the standard on the market for too long.  Now you can offer a higher quality book photographic album with a much more substantial feel for prices that would shock you!  The playBOOK is priced* the same as or less than most lesser quality press books on the market!

*Finao strictly services professionals in the industry and you must have a valid account in order to view pricing information.

The playBOOK features real photographic prints, just like the flush mount ONE which would typically act as your main album.

Finao playBOOK photo print seamless lay flat

The same high quality, professional prints your clients expect in their main album are also in the parent albums, rather than lesser quality press prints which have inherent limitations to color and clarity.

The playBOOK also beats the other books with it’s cover options!  Gone are the days of “photo cover only”.  People want choice, and parents and grandparents would love to display a beautiful fabric bound book on their coffee tables. By offering the largest array of gorgeous silks and linens, fine woven fabrics, faux leathers and tantalizing textures you are able to offer parent albums that coordinate with your client’s main album.  Coordinating or complimentary colors and textures will add that extra polish and sophistication to your packages. (and speaking of fabrics….watch for a special announcement soon! 😉  Of course, photo wrap covers are also available, and at no additional cost!

Finao playBOOK photo books in new fabric cover materials.
Finao’s photographically printed playBOOK is the ultimate in a luxury album feel at a press-book price.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your studio sample now at 25% off and start making those other moms your biggest fans too!


playBOOKING around

Putting more PLAY in your day

playPAL around: mini duplicate books

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