Album Envelope for ONE & artONE

Sometimes the presentation is just as important as what lies inside.  Little touches that show extra care and consideration were taken when delivering a high-quality item add to the unique experience and excitement that make Finao albums truly special.  Bearing this in mind, we are thrilled to introduce the newest option for unique and personalized presentation: the Album Envelope.

The Album Envelope is available only with your Finao ONE and artONE flush mount album orders (sizes 8×8 and larger).  Each Album Envelope is custom crafted to fit the unique dimensions of your completed album.  The Envelope will utilize the same material or materials that you chose for your album and Finao’s talented craftsmen will choose which materials work best for the main and accent to ensure the absolute best for your presentation.  And yes, it is also available when you choose one of our front-panel specialty album covers like ICE, Armour or Erotika.  Each Envelope is fabric lined to compliment your chosen materials and add a layer of protection for the treasure inside.  In the album order form, when you are asked if you would like an Album Envelope, simply choose “Yes” and upgrade your presentation to a new level.


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