Finao has always been known for it’s totally unique leather options. The layers and depth of color, aged patinas and distressed looks that give each leather it’s distinct concept are all achieved by hand-finishing techniques. Skilled leather workers are true artists and hides are their canvases. We thought we’d share a little behind-the-scenes peek at some of what goes into the hand-finishing process.  Enjoy!

Applying color to a hide.

Hides have rough, uneven edges as you may have learned in our earlier post “Is it Leather?

Layers and layers of color are added by hand.

Dyes are rubbed onto the surface of the hide one layer at a time, drying in-between, and adding-in various shades, layer by layer, to create each color concept.

High quality leather has character.

Wrinkles, creases and scars are natural markings that are inherent with many high-quality leathers and add to the character and uniqueness of the hand-finished color and embossing techniques.

Take a look at some very short video clips of how it’s done!

Hand-application of color

Distressing leather

For more, make sure to check out the post titled

Is it Leather?

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