We expect you will find a visit to the Finao booth at the WPPI Convention to be totally worth your while.  It’s the FINAO EXPERIENCE done exactly as you would expect it to be.  We put a lot of thought into our booth and everything about exhibiting at a convention.

1.  The booth itself:  You’ve gotta’ walk though the curtains and enjoy the surroundings.  Designed to be a Moroccan opium den, the appeal and fixtures are authentic.  Much of it was actually purchased from Morocco and the furniture was custom made.  Then be comfortable – that’s what it’s really all about.

2.  Enjoy over 100 samples. There’s almost every leather and fabric we offer and that’s a lot. It’s that chance to touch and feel everything at once.  Sensory overload.  Compare the quality (it’s unequaled) and check out the different styles.  Then check the price –  oh ya, you will be surprised (maybe shocked?) when you see that it doesn’t cost more to have the best.  We look expensive, we act expensive, but the prices are very competitive.

3.  Spend some time looking at the images as well as the albums.  Finao clients are great photographers and we proudly showcase their work.  You will see everything; wedding, engagement, boudoir/glamour, children and seniors.  It’s like a whole bunch of seminar presenters rolled into one space.

4.  Ask questions.  That’s why we come!  It’s great to meet new people, get a hug from old friends and get to know everyone a bit better.  We aren’t pushing anything so relax, take your time, and perhaps learn a little something new.

5.  Take a test drive in one of our “concept cars” with new materials and designs.  Some will become a part of our line, some won’t.  We welcome your feedback.

6.  Get an iPad app demo.  If you don’t have an iPad we have the perfect excuse for why you should have an iPad.

What won’t you find at the FINAO EXPERIENCE?  You won’t find us selling you anything.  No specials, no sales, and no pushy people trying to get you to purchase what they want to sell and not what you need for your business.  Everyone in our booth is very knowledgeable about our products and our industry.  Many are working photographers that can answer questions far beyond albums.  All of them will take as much time as needed to make sure you see what you want and get and the answers you need.

Come armed with business cards because we won’t be scanning your badge.  We would much rather have a card and know that you were interested.  Every scanned badge will be spammed with emails after the show.  Not the FINAO EXPERIENCE.  If all you want to do is to walk into the booth and say “scan me”, well, walk on by.  I’d suggest you take a look first, but it’s up to you.

Most of all, we want you to enjoy the whole WPPI experience.  Many of you will be repeat attendees with special restaurants in mind and lots of catching up to do.  Others will be new and a bit over whelmed.  If you’re a regular, please take a minute and help a newbie navigate the maze.  To everyone, make sure THE FINAO EXPERIENCE is a must stop on your list.

Here’s a free WPPI trade show pass courtesy of Finao – just go to this link and use the code FINAO12.

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