Invest in Yourself….

There is a big sale going on right now.  It’s not shoes (sorry), but it’s far more valuable than any pair of shoes you will ever own.  It’s Sandy Puc’ 2012 seminars.  Today and until Feb. 1st you can sign on for her two upcoming seminars for half price.  You got it, mucho savings.  What will cost you $398 later (‘cuz I know you want to go) can now be purchased for only $199.00.

But wait, it gets even better.  No Ginsu steak knives, but Sandy is offering flex pay.  $50.00 down and three additional installments of $50.00.  It’s like layaway for your education.  So before you read any more click here and get started.  Don’t forget to use the code FIN2012.  I won’t get anything but an ego boost if you use my code – you will get great savings.

Seriously, you need this.  I’ve been in this business for many years and rarely have I ever been struck by a teacher like I have been by Sandy.  The information is real and it works.  No pie in the sky, look where I am and see how wonderful my images are.  These programs are about you and your business and what you can do to help it grow.  Part of it is learning to be a better photographer.  Part of it is learning to be a better promoter.  Part of it is becoming a better business owner.  Part of it is managing your work flow and your time.  And part of it is believing in yourself.  All of it, every little tip or great big idea is designed to help you move to another level.

If you are a new photographer – great.  You want to be a part of this business or you would not be reading this.  So sign on.  Jump in with both feet and come up swimming the English Channel (well, maybe not, but surely you can manage a few laps in the pool).  Stop, sign up now.

If you are a veteran photographer – great.  The day we think we know it all is the day we will get left behind in a business that is constantly changing.  I worked for Art Leather, a company that didn’t make the changes, didn’t go with the flow of the market, didn’t keep up with technology.  They are gone and Finao is thriving.  That should get you to stop now and sign up.

We have supported Sandy’s seminars since we first started in business because we believe there is no better value for your educational dollar.  She can make you laugh and cry, all the while making sure you leave with your head spinning, jam packed with useful information.  It truly is an investment in yourself, and a damn good one at that.  For very little money you get a whole lot of learning that will turn that small payment into big profits.  Then you can buy shoes!  See it all comes back to shoes doesn’t it?

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