Holiday Ordering Tips

The Holidays are fast approaching, but don’t let stress turn you into a Grinch. Finao’s got you covered with these easy tips that will ensure you’re sipping nogg in front of the Yule Log before you can say “Feliz Christmahanukwanzaakah”.

1. Get your orders in BEFORE THE DEADLINE. This will ensure that your album gets all the TLC it needs. Please see the News Section on Finao’s website for dates.

2. Don’t rush. Take your time on each order and triple check every detail before submitting it. Make sure to carefully VIEW YOUR FILES AT 100% BEFORE UPLOADING to find any small mistakes that can be overlooked when you are zoomed out like misplaced/misaligned strokes and pixelated/grainy areas.

3. If you have a number of items to order for multiple clients, we advise that you PLACE SEPARATE ORDERS for each client. The cost of shipping is mainly calculated by weight, so the total cost shouldn’t be drastically different.

4. DROP SHIP YOUR ALBUMS directly to your clients. I know that some of you want to have control and inspect the album first and maybe hand-deliver it, but we cannot guarantee your order for delivery any sooner than December 24th.  Your clients will be much happier having their album in their hands to share with family and friends over the holiday than they would be if you inspected the album, realized you spelled the groom’s name “Brain” in the order form and didn’t want to deliver the album to them because of the mistake.  Changes can be addressed after the holidays. Besides, you deserve to have a life too!

5. Kick-back and KEEP THE FAITH! During the holiday festivities we are not able to provide individual order statuses or estimates on shipment dates. Please be patient and know that if you’ve followed these steps, you should be in for a very happy new year filled with very happy clients!  BRING ON THE REFERRALS!!!

Here’s to 2011!!

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