Buy Local

Photo Shared via Facebook by Susanna Hallinan.

I see a Facebook posting making the rounds that calls upon people to purchase their holiday gifts from local artists and merchants.  Love the idea and love seeing this.

As ordinary people we often feel like we don’t count.  Big banks, big business, big oil and Wall Street control the money and therefore our lives.  Recent crisis have impacted us all.  Mortgage rates, fuel prices, unavailability of money to lend for small businesses and the stock market decrease reach the heart of this country.

We do, however, have a tool and that is our wallets.  We can simply close them.  I have often been heard saying that there is nothing at Walmart that someone cannot live without.  We are not without power.  In fact we have a lot of power.

  1. Skip the big box stores and shop at locally owned businesses.  No toy is that important.  A sweater for a few dollars less is still a sweater; there are more in your closet.
  1. I see beautiful hand-made toys at craft fairs all the time.  Better quality and made from wood not plastics.
  1. Make your own business a part of the “shop from local artists and businesses” campaign.  Include this on your web site and in your blogs.  It’s good for you and good for your community.  Personally, I can’t think of better and more appreciated gifts than framed images of someone that’s loved.
  1. Tired of “stuff”, give to charity.  My husband and I started this many years ago and consider it a great decision.  We sit down together and make out the checks to the charities we support.  Warm fuzzies all over.  Besides he never liked anything I got for him.
  1. Children, especially teens, can be a part of the giving by selecting a cause they would like to support.  I notice how many young people have started blanket drives and give to animal shelters.  Teaches life lessons and gives them a real sense of being a part of something bigger than just themselves.

This year should be the year we all start to walk the walk.  It will affect your business, empower your children and connect you with your community.  A win/win for everyone.

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