To Die or not to Studio Die


I just have to say that EVERYONE who sells albums needs a studio die.  A studio die will brand all your albums in a classy and professional way.  A die is way cooler and more professional than just sticking your logo on an album spread via Photoshop before it gets uploaded to Finao.  It’s that one extra special touch that shows your albums are handcrafted and not some junk that has been cranked out in three days by some photo lab your customers can also find and order from online.

What is a studio die?  A die is a metal plate we use to stamp your logo in books.  The logo can be stamped in many foil colors or it can be stamped “clear” which is a blind deboss of your logo into the board.   We can place your studio die stamp in the inside front or back of most albums.  The die can be as large as you want but we suggest keeping it within our standard sizing and pricing so you use the die on both large and small albums.   A studio die’s standard price is $35 for a die that can cover a surface area of up to 4″.

I was recently in the Finao quality check area and decided to snap some images of the dies we already stamped in books so you could get an idea of what’s possible.  All these images are via my iPhone, so be kind. 🙂



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