Fine art printing at it’s finest.

It’s only taken a year, but we can now say, “IT”S RIGHT”.  The artONE is everything we wanted it to be.

This album isn’t about the covers.  We have plenty of options in that department.  It isn’t about the construction, we have that part down pat.  It isn’t about ordering as our system works quite well, thank you.

This one is all about the printing and the paper.  The printing is done with Epson Ultra Chrome K3 pigmented inks.  Hot stuff and the best that’s out there.  According to the Wilhelm Institute (the be all, end all on color issues) these prints, when stored in an album, are given a life span of >200 plus years.  That means 200 years with no visible fading.  The photographic process was developed in the 1820’s and Daguerre took the first ever photo of a person in 1838.   That’s only a 173 years ago, so we are counting on these images being around for a very long time.  Much, much longer than any DVD.

Now for the paper.  As the chief leather/fabric picker for Finao, everyone knows I’m very particular.  People who know me know I have a taste for the finer things in life and I can spot quality across a room.  I selected about ten papers, all water color surface, and my partner Keith made prints on all of them.  In a blind test I selected the one I thought looked and felt the best. It reeked quality.  The surface was soft, almost fabric like.  No question the tactile response to this paper was immediate.  The color spectrum on one image was unbelievable.  The black and white image blew me away. No “well maybe this” or “maybe that”.  I picked.

Keith turned the paper over and said, “Sure, you had to pick the most expensive one.”  I said it just comes naturally.  We are so proud to offer the artONE printed on Hahnemuehle Museum Etching paper from Germany.  Yes, it costs more but we think our clients are worth it.

If you have discriminating clients and you want your images presented as art then check this new book out at WPPI NYC  It will be center stage in our booth.  Can’t wait? No worries! artONE is available to order now at

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