How will you celebrate Earth Day?

Happy Earth Day,

Everyone is asking today “What will you do to celebrate Earth Day?” Change to an energy efficient light bulb? Lower your heating/cooling? Turn off the lights when you leave the room? At Finao, we try to celebrate Earth Day every day. If you have never read it, you should check out our GREEN INTRODUCTION in the Getting Started portion of our webstie. It talks about all the things we do in our products and offices to try and make our products and work spaces better for everyone. We might just give you a few ideas of your own to help you celebrate.

In recognition of Earth Day today, the Fashion Blog is GOING GREEN in our salute to making this world a better place for all to live on. Are you ready to get green?

So, feel good that you are dealing with an album company with these philosophies at heart. We would much prefer to offer you quality over cheap. There is generally a reason it’s cheap, we try and take a look behind why that is so with all of our materials and products. If the reasons don’t match our philosophy, we won’t sell it to you…plain and simple.

Have a good Earth Day everyone.

– L :l

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