A LITTLE LESS CONVERSATION | a litte more palette please

Maybe it’s spring…maybe it’s the last week spent in Vegas at WPPI or maybe it was all the totally AWESOME submissions we got on our Facebook fan page for the scavenger hunt competion but, for whatever reason, I have been inspired this week by….THE KING!!

thankyouthankyouverymuch ūüôā

Are you ready to get ALL SHOOK UP?

COLORS: 1) Sunday Shoes 2) Opaline¬† 3) Saffron¬† 4) Baby Boi¬† 5) Lusterin’ Hot¬† 6) Red Light District¬† 7) Chiara 8)Bling Dynasty¬† 9) Statuesque¬† 10) Ludicrous

Whether you are a fan of young Elvis or old Elvis…we’ve got you covered with bold and flashy colors or a more muted and earthy combination.¬† We’ve even got some glitz to add some sparkle to your nextalbum outfit.¬† Some of my top pics for this palette are Sunday Shoes and Ludicrous ( LOVE the shiny with the pattern) Chiara and Bling Dynasty (did I mention shiny?) and Opaline with Statuesque (for the more classic Elvis lover).

Saffron and Lusterin’ Hot make a BOLD color combo and even Red Light District and Baby Boi if you want some colors that simply POP!¬† It’s all up to you. ūüôā

That’s all for this week. I’d like you to all raise your Twinkies now for one final Elvis salute.

<insert Twinkie salute here>

*mankyoomankyoomerymuch* nom, nom, nom..

L :l

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