Put that in your DATEBOOK!

Howdy folks,

Super quick Fashion blog this week because it’s off to Vegas in just a matter of hours to kick off WPPI, the parties and the great scavenger hunt. Are you ready?

We are going to continue this week with the last of our newly released Fragments swatches, Datebook. If you haven’t updated your Finao leather collections you better get on it.

I suspect most people are just going to use Datebook straight up. Why not, it’s gorgeous! I want to pose another theory, however. Why not try it as an accent. With the right color I think it could definitely be interesting. Let’s take a look…

Whether you are going for a more tone-on-tone look or a more contrasty look, Datebook can definitely make an interesting accent point. Obviously, due to its patterned nature, the smoother leathers are going to provide the best companionmaterials here.

As I mentioned earlier, we have already seen Datebook being used alone and with some of the specialty covers like ICE but don’t be afraid to try it out as an accent. I think the combinations can be visually interesting and fun.

That’s a wrap for this week folks…gotta jet, literally.

Happy WPPI everyone and see you in Vegas…or next week.


L :l

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