STATUESQUE | more ideas with Fragments

They finally made it this week!

Yup, the Paraphernalia and Fragments swatch cards hit the system finally after what seemed like FOREVER! In honor of the occassion I thought we’d do up a quick palette with one of the materials we didn’t include in our sneak peek many moons ago.

If you are looking for ideas for uses with Krumble, Ludicrous, Secret Garden, Instant Karma, Into the Sea, Mardi Gras or Star Shine, check out earlier Fashion Blog entries. We played with those a few months back.

Today, however, let’s get STATUESQUE!


I’m going to warn you that some of these combos are really hard to pull off onscreen to get the full effect, especially where some of the metallics come in (statuesque iteself, cu29 and biker chic). Get out your swatch kits and play with these combos yourself and you will see what Imean.

I hold to this day that despite it’s large floral pattern, statuesque can make a pretty cool accent stripe on an album. By cutting off major portions of the pattern it leads to an interesting visual to me.

If you don’t like the abstractness, by all means do a full cover or lay an accent stripe on top of it. I do recommend going with simpler leathers as compliments due to the heavy patterned nature of statuesque.

I suspect most folks will use statuesque by itself, because it is gorgeous alone, but I just wanted to throw out that that it can be mixed if you select the right colors/cover options. Don’t be afraid to try different combos out.  You never know what is going to work until you start laying swatches together. Sometimes the ideas can surprise you.

Happy Friday all.

L :l

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