BE A SCAVENGER HERO! | a Finao ONE color palette

or erhaps this should be subtitled…What would Indiana Jones do…on your album?

Oh my gosh I can’t believe I missed a week but we have been super busy trying to get everything in order for our big upcoming Scavenger Hunt at WPPI. So, with that in mind, I tried to think of a suitable scavenger hunty theme for this week’s Fashion Blog to go with all the hub bub. Who better than action hero extraordinaire…Indiana Jones. (We named the dog, Indiana.)

Now…you throw me the whip, I’ll throw you the palette. Get out those swatch tins out people, because here it comes.

The Indie Palette: 1) Opaline 2) Drifter 3) Copenhagen 4) Havana 5) Passion 6) Krumble 7) Bomber Jacket 8) CU29 9) Bohemia 10) BikerChic

Of course, the hot choices for our Indie theme are going to be from the All That Jazz Collection. All those hand tooled, unique, antiqued and aged-looking leathers would be perfect for Mr. Jones, right? Throw in a couple of nice textures like Bohemia, Copenhagen and Krumble and you are ready for almost anything. Sometimes manly. Sometimes rough but we know a big softy underneath it all, right?

Some of my suggestions to try out for combos would be Krumble & Opaline, Biker Chic & CU29, Bomber Jacket & Drifter, Bohemia & Havana or Passion & Krumble. I’ve said it before but contrasts make albums (in colors or textures) and tend to be a favorite.

So there you have it, my contest inspired Fashion Blog this week. If you haven’t checked out the contest yet, you should. We have $62,000 worth of prizes that are being given away to the best 4 person team.  CLICK HERE for details.

See you all next week,

L :l

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