Easter doesn’t have to be boring…

One day a handsome bunny strolled onto the farm. All the farm animals turned and said, “Who is that handsome fellow?”

Handsome bunny strutted his stuff across the farm and then he saw HER!! He stopped in his tracks. She was beautiful. He had to have her! The next thing you know…

1) Optimism  2) Saffron 3) Firefly  4) Pumpking Spice  5) Lusterin’ Hot  6) Red Light District  7) Jelly Bean 8) Idol Eyes  9) Willow Tree  10) Mardi Gras

Well folks, Happy Friday! Now that I have your attention…

Just because Easter is right around the corner doesn’t mean you have to think the same old boring pastel puke everyone else does. At Finao we like to mix things up and add fun to the traditional ideas. If you have never thought you could do flush mount albums for something like Easter, think again.

Throwaway the idea of pastels, or at least, mix them something flashy and catchy. Some of my favorite combos from this collection are Mardi Gras and Willow Tree, Saffron and Lusterin’ Hot and Red Light District and Firefly.  Not your typical Easter colors, are they? With the right images, however, they totally could be. Think outside the box. Take a look at some of our eggs-spiration (ok, that was pretty lame). These are not your ordinary eggs so why should you have an ordinary album?

Don’t be afraid to explore, even for something as traditional as Easter. That is part of the fun of creating custom albums. Make them fun or make them funky. Either way, you are sure to draw the kind of people who want that sort of thing and that will just make your job that much more enjoyable. 🙂

Have a good weekend everybody,

L :l

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