LUDICROUS PASSION? | Our best of boudoir month – putting it all together

Well kiddies,

I hope you have had an inspirational month for boudoir and Valentease Day via our Fashion Blog. For the last three weeks we have focused on all the major material groups across the various product lines we offer. Each week we were inspired by a different person or time period. Now, however, do you think we can pull it all together. I think we can.

The test I gave myself this week was to take the last three weeks of Fashion Blog palettes and come up with one cohesive theme that could run across product lines. There were many totally AWESOME combinations I could come up with but if I wanted something that could spread across all the various lines, I had to give some of those awesome combos up….bummer.

I did pick a pretty basic color combination, however, as you will see, it can totally work from flush mount albums to selfmount albums to matted albums to press books. Really? Yes, really. Let’s check out the picks for our Best of Boudoir month 2010….*drum roll*

For our purposes here, I chose some pretty typical colors for boudoir (red and black) but by doing so, I gave myself more options in working with multiple product types. It’s a give and take relationship. If I want to be diverse in offerings, I have to keep some things simple. It doesn’t mean everything has to look the same though, does it?

For flush mounts I chose the Ludicrous patterned leather from the Fragments collection and paired it with Passion from the All that Jazz collection to play off one of our main cover design principles, mix a texture with a smooth.

Passion can also be used on the Upper Elements line. You can also tooTone! it with Miami Ink (black) into a nice companion self mount or guestbook style album. They won’t be exactly the same but the Passion will be the cohesion that keeps the two styles together.

What if you want to throw in a matted album. The simple addition would be to throw in a Gallery album in Red Linen. If you wanted something a bit more upscale, however, try Two Toning a Bookbound Art album. Yes, you can do that. I cheated and added Raven leather to the one shown here (it wasn’t part of my original picks). Add a nice cover image to a relatively simple cover and you have something that is arty and elegant and easy to offer with the other options.

For the quick turnaround minded out there, check out Lady Danger from the Brocade collection. She can be used on flush mounts, self mounts and press books. Self mounts are GREAT in that you can order stock and have them in-house for a super quick turnaround from shoot to client. Lady Danger can also be used as-is on the ONE flush mounts or mix it with Miami Ink for a nice red & black tooTone! Since press books make great add-ons as well, take your existing flush mount spreads and have them made into a RAVE press book. Coat it in Danger, add a nice opening to the cover and VOILA! Total hotness!

Thanks for reading this week, next week starts a whole new month and even more ideas so come on back. See you next Fashion Friday.

L :l

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