21ST CENTURY BURLESQUE | a color palette for Finao non-leathers

Hot off the convention trail and ready to heat up this week’s boudoir-inspired Fashion Blog series with a look at some options for the Finao non-leathers.

The non-leathers are used mostly for the self mount series of albums but a few select materials can be used on Finao ONE flush mounts and some of the Variations products. Always check to make sure the material you desire to use, however, is available on those products before you begin.

Modern burlesque has been making a comeback with the help of folks like Dita Von Teese and state-of-the-art burlesque shows like the one at the Crazy Horse in Vegas. Bright colors and creative lighting all add to the fun of these shows so why not try and translate that into an album of fun and creative boudoir photography?

Let’s take a look:

1) White Downs middle earth 2) Geisha brocade 3) Hollywood Orange garbo 4) Lady Danger brocade 5) Shanghai brocade 6) Tourmaline ecclectic looks 7) Sapphire brocade 8) Purple Haze happy cow 9) Texas Tea happy cow 10) Argento brocade

The materials selected for this palette weren’t selected just for their color. The feel of the materials as well as how they reflect the light are just as important. This is where your swatch kits will come in handy as the bits represented here aren’t necessarily going to do them justice.

For texture the Middle Earth and Garbo materials are going to give the most to those touchy-feely senses. If you want something that catches the light, however, try Tourmaline in the Ecclectic Looks collection or the silk Brocades. Geisha, especially, brightens considerably in the right light.

So, if you are looking for a way to quickly assemble some quick images into a stylish boudoir album, don’t let self mount albums turn you off. Just because they are simple and quick does not mean they can’t be stylish and fun.

Until next week, ciao for now folks,

L :l

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