Brrrrrr….it’s cold!

I’m going to continue to think warm this week by taking a look at what Pantone has picked out for it’s Spring 2010 colors. It’s grading time folks, let’s see how Finao does:


The leathers appear to be the clear winner this round. They are the closest matches to our Pantone palette and can supply some fabulous spring cover options for the Finao ONE and Upper Elements line (select materials only). Best matches go to Lobster & ‘Shroom. We lose points for the blue. Nothing close on that one but our traditional Wedgewood option. Better luck next time, perhaps.


The non-leathers by comparison are probably the weakest in matching our Pantone palette, however, there are still loads of nice choices for many of the colors that can be used on our self-mount Elements line. Best matches here go to: Geisha and Platinum Blonde. The Geisha has a nice reflective quality that the scan can’t really capture so go check your swatches to see what I mean. (pssst….you can buy the swatches if you don’t already have them :). Again, we lose points on trying to match the Violet and Amaparo Blue. That blue is just tough to match.


While maybe not the strongest of the material collections either, Seldex does get near spot on with a few of the colors. Their Aquamarine is super close and Cornflower is probably the closest match to that Amparo blue yet. They don’t have anything close to the Aurora yellow, however, if you get creative and check out the highlight color in Butterscotch Iridescent you might get close. Just depends on how you choose to accent colors. The Seldex materials here represent their entire line so make sure to check that the material you like is available on that specific product.

That’s all for this week….and this year. We will see you again in January when I’m going to have a whole series of ideas to help gear you up for Valen-tease day. That’s right. It’s time to boost those boudoir sales and I’ll have some colorful ideas to make it happen. Till then,

Happy Holidays everyone,

L :l

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