BEACHY CLEAN | take your theme to the beach

Back again for another edition of the Fashion Blog. It’s cold here! I don’t know about you but I could totally use a day a the beach where the sun is warm so that is my inspiration for this week. Our imaginary client this week wants a Beachy Clean wedding so let’s take a look at some ideas on how to pull it off and what kind of materials & products you could offer. Let’s dive in!

1) Opaline (leather) 2) Lusterin’ Hot (suede) 3) Saffron (leather) 4) Willow Tree (leather) 5) Natural Blend (linen) 6) Iridescent Butterscotch (Asahi silk) 7) Faded Jeans (faux leather) 8) Element self mount album in PlatinumBlonde 9) Finao ONE 20×8 Flipbook with ICE cover and Fexy Bleu suede 10) Natural Timber Bookbound Art matted album


With loads of new materials added to the mix this past summer, Seldex has some really nice beachy materials that can be used on the Bookbound Art and Gallery albums. Seldex re-introduced some wood covers and the Natural Timber (example 10) would make an excellent start. The spine is normally black on this cover, however, you could choose from a selection of leathers and leatherettes to better match your theme if you like.

Even if you are not doing a Timber cover, Seldex still has plenty of other leather options for the Bookbound Art that could work for our beach theme. Some of my personal favorites are Sandstone Outback leather, Mother of Pearl metallic leather and Ivory leather. Any one of them would be great options to consider as well.

If you are stepping down to the Gallery matted album for a portrait or guest book you have your choice of linen and other book cloths that fit swimmingly with our theme. My top two pics are shown: Natural Blend linen (example 5) and Iridescent Butterscotch (example 6). There are plenty of runners-up here, as well. Sandbank linen, Sky Blue linen, Fuchsia linen, Pink linen, Oyster buckram and even the Soft Blue Gold Asahi silk could easily transfer to our beach theme depending on what colors our client is choosing as the main colors.


Our top choices in the flush mount category for the Finao ONE are pretty much straight up leathers this time. Since these are mostly pretty smooth and plainer leathers, they make great candidates for our tooTone! Album styles. Match one of the colors in our primary beach palette here (examples 1-4) with a plethora of accent colors. Some of my top choice accent colors (not shown here) would be Optimism, ‘Shroom, Sunshine, Lobster, Aquadisiac, Wedgewood, Drifter, Baby Boi and Girlie Girl.

There are a couple of specialty covers that I would recommend trying for the beach theme, as well, since they are both directly tied to what image you decide to use. Top pic goes to the ICE specialty cover (example 9) with the Magical Mystery Glass cover (not shown) coming in directly behind. ICE wins out for the sole reason its a metallic print under acrylic and lends an awesome pearl-like sheen when the light hits it. Just seems perfect for the beach.


The beachy choices for self-mount albums is probably the most limited of the collections. Top pic here goes to Faded Jeans (example 7). Platinum blonde (example 8) is also a nice choice along with Mellow Yellow (not shown) or perhaps even Academy Award (not shown) depending on the client’s colors.

If you decide to upgrade to an Upper Element or Upper Element TXT guestbook, then you open up some more possibilities for yourself with the leather options and could make a nice tooTone! tie-in with a flush mount album depending on what colors you choose. Remember, that not all leather options are available on the Upper Elements lines so if you think this might be an idea you would like to pursue, make sure the leathers you would like to use are available options on both types of albums.

That’s all for this week. I hope we thawed out some of those creative juices and come back next week for another round or ideas and inspirations.

L :l

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