PUNK PRINCESS | an edgy (but girlie) theme

Welcome back from the break!

I hope everyone had a pleasant holiday. We return to Fashion Fridays this week with the look at recommendations for the Punk Princess. She may be a bit edgy and a bit rock ‘n roll so what would you offer her? How would you keep it fun? How would you keep it feminine? How would you match the album to the other parts of her wedding? Let’s look at some ideas:

1) Mardi Gras (fabric) 2) Willow Tree (leather) 3) Lusterin’ Hot (suede) 4) Ludicrous (patterned leather) 5) Mock Croc Steel (leatherette) 6) Aubergine (macrosuede) 7) Whitesnake (faux snakeskin) 8) Bullet cover with Saturday Night Special (metallic leather) 9) Sunday Shoes (patent leather) with Suspicion (ostrich pattern leather) 10) Something Wicked (patent leather) with Suspicion (ostrich pattern leather)


Traditionally matted albums have been pretty conservative, however, this past year Seldex has completely revamped their material offerings and cover designs (like Too Tone options) and delivered a modern punch to the matted album industry. Try a Bookbound Art album in one of the new Wild Animalia leatherettes like Mock Croc Steel (example 5) with a plainer leather and Too Tone it. There are some wonderful combinations that can be made with these new materials.

For the simpler Gallery albums there are plenty of options here as well. Macrosuedes like Aubergine (example 6) work for both Bookbound Art and Gallery albums, making matching different styles of matted albums easy. The Shimmer collection is another excellent choice for our Punk Princess theme. We recommend Candy Pink, Purple or Gunmetal shimmer. Don’t forget, if you order blank mats, Gallery albums can easily be turned into fine art guest books.


Flush mounts tend to be the backbone of any major wedding photography package, and the Finao ONE album delivers just about any crazy combination that you can dream up to match ANY theme. For our Punk Princess we have selected a little something old and a little something new. For the something new we have FABRICS that come in fabulously funky patterns like Mardi Gras (example 1) and patterned leather like Ludicrous (example 4). For the tried and true there are plainer leathers like Willow Tree (example 2) and Lusterin’ Hot (example 3).

We would also recommend our Bullet (brushed metal) specialty cover for some hard-edged, punk appeal (example 8) or some patent leather like Sunday Shoes (example 9), Something Wicked (example 10) or Red Light District for some sleek & sexy appeal.

If your Punk Princess likes to take a walk on the wild side, why not consider adding some Zumanity accents in either Racing Stripes or Kitty Kitty for just the right purrrfect appeal.


My top pick for the self mount albums & guest books for our Punk Princess is Whitesnake. It’s a nice neutral color combined with a snakeskin pattern for a little extra oomf. The Happy Cow collection offers some nice, plain, leather-like materials and the Garbo collection offers some nice suede-like materials. With over 70 different non-leather choices, Elements make great package add-ons to any theme.

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