DAMASK DARLING | A black & white theme

Welcome back again, folks!

We are continuing this week with another theme for you. This time, what would you offer the Damask Darling who walks into your studio with a black and white theme? Sure you can do the same BORING black album or maybe even a BORING white album, but seriously folks, you are at Finao. You don’t have to offer the SAME stuff everyone else does. You can still set yourself apart even with the simplest of theme ideas. Let’s take a look:

1. SeldexGallery matted album in Ebony Saturn leatherette and designer image box lid upgrade 2. Seldex Bookbound Art matted album in black velvet with Ink jacquard 3. Finao ONE flush mount in Marsalis fabric & Miami Ink leather 4. Seldex Bookbound Art matted album in Cristina Re Tiffany canvas 5. Finao ONE flush mount album in French Quarter fabric & Miami Ink leather 6. Black Pearl brocade 7. Zydeco fabric 8. Something Wicked patent leather 9. Mystic Tea Leaves fabric 10. Ludicrous leather 11. Finao ONE flush mount album in Suspicion & Sunday Shoes (patent leather)


Now if our Damask Darling wants a matted album, Seldex has enough blacks to make even the goth kids jealous: Apollo black metal, Black Pearl brocade, Matt Nepal leatherette, Ink leatherette, Black outback leather, Black leather, Black macrosuede, Metallic Croc Onyx leatherette, Black Buckram, Black linen, Onyx leatherette, Black Wildlife leatherette and Raven leather. Phew…that’s a lot of black. Shiny, matte, you name it, they’ve got it.

The Cristina Re boutique collection offered by Seldex for their Bookbound Art albums, however, hands down, has probably the best match for our imaginary Damask Darling with the Tiffany Canvas option (see example 4). This is a specialty cover upgrade available ONLY for the Bookbound Art albums. A close runner up is the black velvet & ink jacquard option. (example 2).

For the more DIY crowds out there who prefer the quick & easy options. The Seldex gallery matted album is perfect. You can choose from may of the plain black options listed above or try for something like Ebony Saturn (example 1). Add on a custom designed image box lid and VOILA, you have something completely unique for the Damask Darling.


While flush mount albums may not have as many shades of black to choose from as the Seldex Bookbound Arts, there are plenty of other unique options here as well. The whole new line of black & white fabrics from the Paraphernalia collection would work wonderfully as options for our Darling. Choose from Marsalis (example 3), French Quarter (example 5), Zydeco (example 7) and Mystic Tea Leaves (example 9). The fabrics are cover panel options only and require a leather spine. The top choice for the spine with these materials is Miami Ink.

There are some other great possibilities as well if choosing an all leather route. Add some simple white with Optimism. Add some high gloss flair with patent leathers Something Wicked (example 8) or Sunday Shoes (example 11). Add some subtle texture with leathers like Ludicrous (example 10) or Suspicion (example 11). While not as flowery as some of the other options presented to the Damask Darling, they could still be excellent additons to offset all those patterns.


For a straight up self mount album or press book for our Damask Darling, Black Pearl is going to be your best friend. It’s black and has a subtle flower pattern and great for an add-on guest book or self mount companion album. Some other good non-leathers to consider would be Black Gold (Garbo), White Downs (Middle Earth), Black Magic (Middle Earth), Obsidian (Haute Colour), Texas Tea (Happy Cow) or Whitesnake (Ecclectic Looks).

If you want to upgrade to a leather self mount (an Upper Element or Upper Element TXT guest book) you can choose from some of the same leathers mentioned in the flush mount section, however, not all leathers are available on the self mount series so make sure you double check your materials and the cover design guide to make sure the combination you would like to create is actually possbile.

That’s all I’ve got for this weeks folk. We will be off next week for the holidays so look for the next installment of the fashion blog on December 4th.


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