THE URBAN COWGIRL | Working with themes

Welcome back again, folks!

This week I’m going to be doing something a little bit different and hope you like it. Up until now we have pretty much shown you ideas that involve just our flush mount albums. Well this week, we are mixing that up a bit and going to address how to work with a theme and how to make it work across product lines that don’t always offer the same materials.

I was inspired this week by a series I found in a wedding magazine that talked about hot themes in weddings. How do you currently deal with a client that comes to you with her theme? Do you work with her to create something special that fits her theme? Or do you simply offer her your standard options and let her decide? The proper answer is you should be working with her to create something special. Don’t panic if it’s a crazy theme. Chances are, Finao can save you and this week’s blog will show you how. Let’s take a look at what you could do if the URBAN COWGIRL walks into your studio. What kind of products and materials would you offer her? Here’s some ideas we could recommend:

1. Chiara (leather)  2. Bomber Jacket (leather)  3. Krumble (leather)  4. Ludicrous (leather)  5. Cedar (leather)  6. Earth (outback leather)  7. Whitesnake (non-leather)  8. 20×8 Flipbook in Painted Pony & Dulche de Leche  9. tooTone! flush mount in Sagebrush Lizard and Drifter  10. Armour flush mount cover with Junkyard Dog (suede)


We will start with flush mounts since they are the most popular options for weddings. What kind of materials would you want to present to our Urban Cowgirl? If it were me, I would start with the textured leathers, especially the All That Jazz collection (Chiara & Bomber Jacket). They have that rugged and worn feel that one might associate with the cowgirl lifestyle. There are also some nice patterned possibilities in the Fragments collection (Krumble & Ludicrous). I would also give some honorable mentions to Komodo Dragon (Accents collection), Bohemian (Accents collection) and Copenhagen (Urban Legends collection).

But there are other possibilities as well if you want to further spice it up with alternative sizes and upgraded cover options. A 20×8 Flipbook (example 8) is always a show stopper and mixed with a Painted Pony (Zumanity) cover is sure to please our cowgirl.

Another possibility is the simple tooTone! upgrade option. Combine 2 leathers for something with extra appeal (example 9). Mixing a lizard pattern with a plainer material are excellent ways to add visual interest to covers.

When many people think of the West, they think of a lot of earth tones and sepia imagery. Armour specialty covers work GREAT with sepia images and offer you a great way to truly customize your client’s cover with something wholly unique. Example 10 is one of our samples with photos from an actual working cattle ranch.


What if your client doesn’t want a flush mount album? Would they prefer a matted style album instead?  Don’t worry, we can still help that cowgirl out. Seldex offers some gorgeous Outback leathers for their Bookbound Art line. Earth was picked here but the entire collection is loaded with all sorts of earth-tone goodness. The standard Seldex leather offerings also include some weathered gems like Cedar which would be another great choice for our western lass. It’s also good on the smaller matted Gallery albums.


Why a self mount? For one, our TXT lines make totally awesome guest books. Many photographers have literally added hundreds to their bottom line just by including a guest book. Many of the leather options we mentioned above (the All That Jazz & Urban Legends collections) can be used on our leather guest book, the Upper Elements TXT. This is an awesome upgrade for the money since it also allows you to coordinate or match a flush mount album in some of the same materials.

If cost is an issue, however, there is still the regular Elements TXT line which comes in our non-leather options like Whitesnake (example 7), Serpentine (not shown) or Sidewinder (not shown). Elements are easy-to-assemble yourself and a great personalized addition to your western themed (or any other) package.


So there you have it, some great ideas on how to customize ANY package whether it is themed or not. Come back next week for some more fun theme ideas

Ciao for now,

L :l

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