Welcome to Finao’s ZOMBIELAND!

It’s that time of year. The days are getting shorter. The trees are changing color (depending on where you live) and the ZOMBIEPOCALYPSE is upon us! Ok, well maybe not for real but it’s my inspiration for this week’s blog and seemed fitting for Halloween.

Rule#19: Blend in.
Now you can with our special ZOMBIELAND halloween palette. When that zombie bride comes to you for her special day…what are you going to do?

You may be all alone in the zombiepocalypse, fighting for your life, foraging for survival but there is no reason why you can’t still be fashionable either. We at Finao have developed this special palette to help you blend in (Rule#19), be ruthless (Rule#22) and will always have you checking the backseat (Rule#31) for anyone that might be trying to sneak up on you.

The Zombieland palette not only helps you blend in but travels well as a group (Rule#6) too.

Mix and match to your hearts content but beware of bathrooms (Rule#2) and don’t forget your cardio (Rule#1).

Most importantly, don’t forget Rule#32: Enjoy the little things.

Happy Halloween kiddies 🙂

L :l

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