FINAO FIRST LOOK | Fragments preview

Happy Friday!

It’s that time again and I have more sneak peeking instore for you today. Last week we looked at some of the upcoming Paraphernalia fabrics. This week I have a look at some of the new patterned leathers coming out soon, the Fragments collection.

Patterning is going to be the big key with this collection. What that means is if you are thinking of combining Fragments with another leather, that other leather should be a bit plainer to offset the pattern and let it shine. That being said, I’ve picked my top 5 choices to go with some of these new materials. Once again, there are some good runners up as well. Don’t be afraid to compare your own swatches to the new ones when these are released. Everyone has a different taste and project.



My top 5 picks: Opaline, ‘Shroom, Havana, Dulche de Leche and CU29.

My runners up are Drifter, Firefly, Pumpkin Spice, Scotch Pine, Copenhagen, Rainy Day Woman and Junkyard Dog.

One quick note I should mention as we get started. If you plan on using any of the suedes and patent leathers, keep in mind that those particular leathers are our THINNEST leathers. You may experience a slight height difference when working with them vs. a non-suede/patent leather.


My top 5 picks here are Optimism, Scarlet O’Hara, Passion, Saturday Night Special and Miami Ink.

Runners up here could easily be Something Wicked, Red Light District or Sunday Shoes patent leathers for some extra slick punch. Keep the height difference in mind, however.

I think this leather could add a really cool graphic effect if used as a tooTone accent stripe on a plainer leather cover.


My top 5 here goes to Opaline, Scotch Pine, Rainy Day Woman, Havana and Junkyard Dog.

My alternate pick here was Olea Branch.

Similar to Ludicrous, I think this leather could make a cool graphic effect when used as a tooTone accent as well.

This concludes our sneak peek at Fragments. Hope we have given you some creative ideas to get you started. We should have swatch cards ready to purchase and the new materials ready to order in our system in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned for the official announcements.

Ciao for now kittens,

L :l

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